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I just discovered how to knit/purl using continental which I always thought was really difficult....how the hell did I survive this long without it?! it's amazing. It's a little awkward right now, but since I was only doing it for five minutes and it was still just as fast as the regular knitting I've been doing for FOUR YEARS, I think somehow it will get better.


in other news, i have started knitting Bella a sweater. if all goes well, I will make myself a sweater this winter too. And possibly someday I will actually finish a baby blanket, although honestly, i really dont want to. i am tired of making stuff for other people. whine whine, I know, but in those four years ive been knitting, and in the eight years I have been making stuff with yarn, the only things ever made for myself was one scarf which I love and a matching hat which is still not even finished. (need to tie in the ends still :-)

buuuut I am super excited for classes because then I will have more time to knit, if not more money to do so with. oh well. compromise at it's best I guess.

also, just bought a new desk from target. I hope it's worth the money. also...cant wait to get an ipod that actually works. bought one off of ebay ad it doesnt work, but the seller is being really helpful about getting me one that does, I just have to send her this one back, which is something I am bad at doing but promise myself I will do tomorrow.
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