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secret mission...

I bought two ipods last night, because the second one was only thirty bucks more expensive than the first ipod, and now I have a motivational bonus for stewart. I feel slightly bad that my painters didn't make any of their incentives, but I think I will give them little bonuses to reward them, because they were all fantastic this summer. I'm going to write recommendation letters for all of them for any future jobs they might have/need.

so..stewart gets a 30gb ipod video...tim gets....uuh...I don't know...Kyle gets money, and john gets....a kick in the teeth?

I don't know. i will think on it, and get some ideas from the guys.

I'm just killing time in the western library cause I'm printing flyers and that takes forever. There are a lot of very confused parents driving all crazy around campus trying to follow the haphazard signs to summer start. It's really funny to parents in cars throw their hands in the air and wave them around when they get confused with driving directions, which is what I saw this morning.

We have run out of work until September, so we are marketing like CRAZY and I am making no money right now...which is Ok, I guess, except that I'm not quite to mexico levels of production, and I still really want to go..plus, as it stands right now, I don't have enough money to get a new bed and desk and pay off my credit cards. Technicaly, the debt on my credit cards will be paid back to me at some point, but until then, I will be charged fees in a couple months once the intro rate of 0% apr wears off.

but that is OK, because I have lived this long without a bed frame, and as for the desk, I can probably live without it for a while until I get more money from working in the fall. I'm still not sure If I have a job working for Dr. Meyer, but I guess I should email him and find out. Working for student works in the fall will be quite enough work for me, but it doesn't give me very fast results as far as pay goes. I basically don't get paid for that until the end of the quarter, which is nice because then I have christmas money, but sad because then I don't have desk money. Oh well.

$10,000 more in sales to mexico
$20,000 more in production to mexico

I can make it. I sswear I will, because I want to be there again in new years time. (which, I actually have no clue what I am doing for the holidays, now that I think of it.) So, I revised my goals as to what I was saving money for for this summer, but to be fair, I did give mom a substantial amount of what I earned, so Maybe I don't feel so bad. I was going to give her the money for a new roof, and maybe I will still do it, or maybe we can convince the guy to take a partial payment this year and then the rest next year, who knows...probably not, but I guess this guy is kind of a friend to mom, so maybe there is a chance.

I made...so much money this year. It has been awesome. I think I made like $12000 altogether so far. I'm not sure. Maybe I will make it to 15K if I can get some more jobs booked. I've already signed on to work again in this same district, because aparently everyone wants it.

oops! gotta go, my flyers are done.
Tags: money, work
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